Defending Your Future

Turn to a local criminal defense attorney in Nashville, TN

Criminal charges can make it feel like your life is in jeopardy and the odds are stacked against you. To get the best chance to beat your charges, retain a local criminal defense attorney. W. Stover Attorney at Law represents clients in Nashville, TN. For over a decade, our attorney has been defending clients facing everything from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies.

Contact a felony attorney now if you need legal representation.

Can we represent you?

Who you choose to represent you matters when dealing with a criminal charge. Our local criminal defense attorney takes on situations involving:

  • White-collar offenses
  • Felony drug charges
  • Probation violations
  • Domestic violence
  • Traffic violations
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Sexual assault
  • DUIs

Our felony attorney's ultimate goal will be to reduce or eliminate your sentence altogether. To accomplish this goal, he'll explore every avenue for your defense and approach your case with an open mind. Discuss your situation with our attorney today.